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Logo is a High-Fantasy world of Bitter War, Blood Magic, Dead Gods and Endless Threats. As far back as history remembers the Mortal races have been locked in wars with either one another or whichever Greater Power has seen fit to launch conquest upon them. With each generation comes not only new struggles but a new force of Adventurers, ready to defend their homes and destroy their enemies....but for every legendary hero of lore lies the remains of thousands who failed.

War is inevitable.

Death is inevitable.

Failure is unthinkable.


Realms of the Land

The Realms of Adarai are steeped in History and Lore.
Pages under this Category will give you general information about this particular part of the world.


World History

Summarised Timeline

Below is a timeline showing the ages and major events of the World:

• 4415WY to 5928WY (Present Day) - Age of Kings  •

• 4186WY to 4414WY - The Second Age of Fire •

• 3621WY to 4185WY - Age of Peace •

• 3511WY to 4620WY - Age of Fire •

• 3198WY to 3510WY - Age of Power •

• 2332WY to 3197WY - Age of Mortals •

• 1575WY to 2331WY - Age of Gods •

• 832WY to 1574WY - Age of Dragons •

• Pre 832WY - Ancient Age •

Present Day Map Edit


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